COMP 485: Senior Seminar, Fall 2015




Date Topic Notes Assignments Out Slides
9/1 Introduction; is computer science science? Read in class: P. Denning. Is computer science science? Communications of the ACM, April 2005. [link]   (no slides)
9/8 Doing computer science as science     slides
9/15 Picking research topics Read before class: C. Loehle. A guide to increasing creativity in research - inspiration or perspiration? Bioscience 40:123-129, 1990. [link]   slides
9/22 How to read a research paper Read in class: D. Watts and S. Strogatz. Collective dynamics of 'small world' networks. Nature, 393:440-442, 1998. [link]
9/29 Presentation of research papers      
10/6 Hypotheses, falsifiability, causality     slides
10/13 Project proposal discussions      
10/20 (Fall break)      
10/27 (Prof out of town)      
11/3 LaTeX      
11/10 and 11/12 Project pitches and voting      
11/17 First project group meetings      
11/24 (No class)      
12/1 Statistical hypothesis testing     slides
12/8 Group project proposal presentations